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Maintenance and System Management

ICT maintenance McPartners

Preventive and periodic maintenance

Computer or telephone malfunctions cause a lot of frustration and confusion. Something that is no longer possible nowadays.

Preventive and periodic maintenance of your systems prevents a lot of problems and this also ensures that you stay up to date. After all, your system also meets the latest security requirements and that is a reassuring thought for preventing digital burglaries.

Preventive and periodic maintenance is used to check systems and update them to the latest system versions. Furthermore, hardware can be inspected to prevent failure so that you can continue working with peace of mind.

Workplace support

To ensure that you or your employees can be helped all day long, you can use McPartners workplace support.
This gives you the assurance of skilled Apple certified technicians who can help your employees quickly and professionally so that they can quickly continue with their work. Through Remote Support, the computer can be taken over remotely and software problems can be solved immediately. Super fast and good for the environment because no car is involved anymore.

McPartner's support
Application management

Application management and support

Management and support of certain programs also falls within McPartners' services. Whether it concerns workflow automation, an accounting package or setting up a digital meeting room, McPartners will happily advise and support your organization. With more than 30 years of experience, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge about automating small and large companies.


Are you looking for an Apple IT professional for a short or longer period?

McPartners has excellent Apple certified people who can carry out your project, management, support or rollout (the universal remote installation of multiple devices) in the event of illness or undercapacity. These engineers can be deployed immediately, on location or simply remotely. You are good at your work and McPartners ensures that you have reliable computers and support.
Contact the McPartners advisor for all options.

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