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The most common IT problems in SMEs

IT problems
Support call

Internet is out

A common problem is of course a failing internet connection. A major frustration now that your employees cannot continue with their work. There can be many causes for not having an internet connection, but the most common problems are WiFi access points, firewalls, switches or other network equipment. McPartners helps by proactively solving problems before they arise.


The helpdesk is unreachable

A good helpdesk is of course very important to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

McPartners has its own in-house service desk so that your users are optimally served at all times.

Our service desk employees can monitor your users remotely and solve the problem immediately.

No backup

Losing data is a major IT problem. Of course, no company wants this. A well-functioning backup system is therefore very important. We set up and manage your backup system so that you never suffer from data loss.

Hard Drive Backup


1 in 3 companies will experience a cybersecurity incident in 2022. Of these, almost half had financial consequences and a third prevented employees from doing their work.

By having a pen test (penetration test) done, legal ethical hackers will investigate your systems to check for weaknesses/risks. This is to expose weak spots in your website, application or complete IT infrastructure.

A pen test by McPartners provides insight that can be used to strengthen information security.

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