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Jamf Pro McPartners Apple management rollout solution

The Apple management solution for rollout, management and software management.

Jamf Apple Solution

The Apple management solution

More and more organizations are using Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. Jamf gives you the right tools to connect your Apple equipment with your existing IT environment and implement your current IT policy.

Jamf Pro are Apple specialists who develop software for the enterprise environment. So whether you are a company, healthcare or government institution, you can be assured that Jamf Pro has a suitable solution for all your IT management challenges.

Implementation and rollout

Jamf Pro includes all the tools to create the right packages, configuration profiles and other components. So you can build a safe and ready-to-use environment for your users.

In addition, you can use profiles and Self Services Portals to create an environment that allows your end user to put together their own Mac. This saves your IT department time, you have the assurance of productive and satisfied end users and everything is in accordance with your security and compliance guidelines.

Implementation and rollout
inventory and reporting

Software and content distribution

Jamf Pro can help you provide the right software and other content so that your users always have the right tools to perform their functions. You can set this up in various ways so that Jam Pro can fit in with your existing way of working.

With Jamf Pro you can also create your own Self Service environment so that users can download the specific software they need at that moment. This Self Service Portal is of course completely under your own management.

IT compliance and security

Whether your business is dealing with personal customer data or national secrets, it is essential to build a secure IT environment. Your Apple devices are no exception. Jamf Pro can help you create an optimal environment by implementing your rules, enforcing them, and monitoring compliance with settings, profiles, encryption standards, and password policies at all times.

IT compliance and security
JAMF Pro Dashboard

Inventory and reporting

One of the biggest challenges in IT is managing and maintaining software licenses in the organization. Jamf Pro allows you to determine the exact number of licenses by constantly tracking the number of Macs, iPhones and iPads.

In addition, Jamf Pro can handle all your licenses and integrates seamlessly with Apple's Volume Purchase Program so you can easily purchase and distribute AppStore apps to your Macs, iPhones and iPads.

Jamf Pro - overview

  • - Inventory

  • - Imagen

  • - Patch Management

  • - Software Distribution

  • -Remote Control

  • - Manage Settings

  • - License Management

  • - Security

Call 085-088 1119 and learn how Jamf Pro can help your organization optimally manage your Apple environment.

Jamf pro overview
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