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SecuritySpy is NVR (Network Video Recording) software that allows you to quickly set up an effective video surveillance system of any size, from home or office installations to large-scale professional systems with hundreds of cameras.

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Manage all types of cameras in an overview on all your Apple devices.

SecuritySpy allows you to manage multiple IP cameras simultaneously using just one Mac, all with great performance. Setting up the platform is super easy. From adding the camera to configuring recording and enabling remote monitoring, everything can be done with just a few clicks.

Motion detection by AI

SecuritySpy uses AI in the form of deep neural networks that can accurately detect people, vehicles and animals. The custom AI is trained using hundreds of thousands of real CCTV images to produce highly accurate classification results (typically >96% accuracy for human detection and >97% accuracy for vehicle detection).

By using AI object detection in this way, false positive detections (for example, a swinging tree causing a trigger) can be drastically reduced or even eliminated.

All analysis is performed locally on your Mac and accelerated by Apple's powerful CoreML platform; images are not sent to an internet server for processing. This protects your privacy and ensures high performance and low latency.

Homekit integration

Another great benefit of using SecuritySpy is that it integrates with HomeKit. This means you can start recordings, schedule events, or even set rules to control HomeKit accessories in response to movements detected by the cameras. Everything is processed and stored locally on your Mac, so you have the best privacy and no recurring fees.

Other SecuritySpy features include iOS and tvOS apps for remote monitoring, synchronized viewing of multiple cameras, and an intuitive dashboard that gives you an overview of everything you need to know.

Works with Apple Home HomeKit

User interface

Flexible recording features offer high-quality continuous or motion-activated recording, while emails, notifications and alarms can also be triggered by motion detection. Remote monitoring features allow you to view and manage your system from anywhere in the world.

SecuritySpy features smart motion detection powered by AI. Deep neural networks intelligently analyze video to decide when to activate recording and notifications. This provides a high degree of accuracy and can eliminate false positive detections.

SecuritySpy's user interface is carefully designed and easy to use.

SecuritySpy dashboard


Multiple simultaneous cameras


SecuritySpy's efficiency enables high performance even for large, demanding systems. Virtually all IP cameras on the market are supported.






Easy installation


A user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and use SecuritySpy. Tasks such as adding a camera, configuring recording or enabling remote access can be done with just a few clicks.




Secure and private design


All processing and storage is done locally on your Mac, and remote access uses direct encrypted connections. Your data does not flow through a cloud server - it is completely under your control.




Intelligent motion detection powered by AI


SecuritySpy intelligently analyzes video using deep neural networks to determine with a high degree of accuracy when to trigger recording and notifications.


This allows people, animals and vehicles to be detected separately.




HomeKit integration


Activate recordings and schedules from HomeKit events, or set rules to control HomeKit accessories in response to motion detection from the camera.




High-quality recording


SecuritySpy records video and audio directly from the camera to recorded movie files, with optimal resolution, quality and performance.




ONVIF support


The modern standard for IP video devices. This allows SecuritySpy to easily detect and add cameras to your system with minimal configuration.




Remote access.


View, control and configure your SecuritySpy system securely over your local network or over the Internet.




iOS and tvOS app


Access your system from your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV with our app, with access to live and recorded video, recording control, two-way audio, notifications and more.




Flexible recording options.


SecuritySpy can capture movies and still images both continuously and in response to motion detection.




Synchronized playback from multiple cameras.


Play back recorded footage from multiple cameras with the browser function.




Screen recording


View, record and stream footage from any screen connected to your Mac.




Instant video playback


In all live video windows - one-click playback and recording of recent footage at any time.






Each camera's schedule can be customized for recording and generating notifications at different times of the day or week, or based on built-in schedules such as day or night time.






Alarms, emails, scripts and iOS notifications can all be triggered when motion is detected.






Data visualizations that give you an overview of system statistics such as CPU usage, recording speed, and memory and disk performance.




Highly optimized


Fast multithreaded code, and extensive use of hardware acceleration, provides blazing fast performance with low CPU usage. Runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.




No mandatory subscriptions.


The software you buy never expires; the only ongoing cost is optional low-cost renewal support, which provides updates and technical help.






Free updates and support two years after purchase


With optional "low-cost" renewals thereafter.








Other Features


SecuritySpy has many other useful and powerful features, including:




PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) control.


FTP or Amazon S3 upload for offsite backup of captured footage.


Integration with home automation systems, such as HomeKit, Indigo and Control4.


Free automatic DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service to give your system a friendly Internet address.


Free automatic integration with Let's Encrypt to obtain proper SSL certificate for HTTPS web service.


In addition to broad support for IP cameras, SecuritySpy also supports any Mac-compatible non-IP video input, such as built-in FaceTime cameras, USB webcams and Blackmagic devices.


Hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding, including support for eGPU devices, ensures very low CPU usage even with a large number of cameras.


Multi-monitor support: show different cameras on different screens in full-screen mode.

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