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McPartners rental/lease

If you need Apple Hardware for a short period, McPartners offers you the option to rent iPads or Mac equipment. Whether it concerns one device or 50, McPartners has suitable and quickly deployable solutions. McPartners offers you a leasing option, also known as operational leasing, where you rent Macs and related hardware for a period of 2 to 5 years.

Advantage: You do not have to make a one-off large investment.


Mac rental

Price indication Rental Lease (operational 3 years)

MacBook Air Eur 60/week Eur 30/month
MacBook Pro Eur 80/week Eur 39/month
iMac Eur 80/week Eur 46/month
Mac mini Eur 50/week Eur 22/month


All amounts are excl. VAT.

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