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McPartners Data Center

The McPartners data center is based on the latest technology and meets the highest possible standards in the field of security and reliability. Business users may place high demands on the IT services they purchase. There is no room for non-commitment. Every interruption in service costs money, not to mention the potential damage if unauthorized persons gain access to confidential data.

The heart of our services beats in our data center, which is among the absolute top in the Netherlands. All facilities for the server rooms are redundant. Our relations can always rely on qualified people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it concerns service, maintenance or troubleshooting. Customers who demand maximum security use one location as a backup for the other.

Network Patch Cabinet Server Cabinet
Network Patch cabinet Server cabinet cable cables
Network Patch Cabinet Server Cabinet

A safe feeling

McPartners manages its own data center in Woerden. The data center has its own (emergency) power and cooling supply and is located well above sea level. Naturally, various provisions have been made at McPartners for the security of our data center. After all, you entrust your company data to us and we handle it with care. McPartners also complies 100% with the GDPR guidelines.

VPN services

More and more companies are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to securely connect networks or connect a computer to the network.

McPartners provides VPN services with which different connections, whether or not of the same type, are linked together, so that they form, as it were, one LAN. This connects equipment installed at different locations at Layer 3 (IP). Your intranet, internet, application, storage and voice traffic is handled as if it were local traffic. For certain applications that do not function when routed over the public internet, this is the best solution. It also simplifies firewall configuration. In consultation with you, it will be determined which type of VPN is most suitable for you.

With an IPSEC VPN solution, all traffic between the different endpoints of the tunnel(s) is authenticated and encrypted. Linking the various connections is done with equipment at the locations of the connections. Because an IPSEC VPN is set up on the equipment at the locations and all traffic is encrypted, such a connection absolutely cannot be “eavesdropped” by third parties.


McPartners is averse to mandatory shopping. Customers who are looking for a hoster who takes care of everything for them and who do not want to worry about hardware, backups, monitoring, etc., can contact McPartners. But also customers who are only looking for a safe place for their own equipment, but who want to configure and manage that equipment themselves, have come to the right place at McPartners.


A modern data center is a technical feat, where everything revolves around reliability and efficiency. Not only the technology is important, but also the knowledge and experience of the people who select, install and maintain the systems.McPartners engineers know our data center like the back of their hands: most of them were involved when it was built and equipped.

They are also constantly looking for opportunities for improvement, based on, among other things, the latest (emergency) power and cooling concepts. This means that if something unexpectedly goes wrong, McPartners engineers will quickly know where the problem is and how to solve it. We are not dependent on external suppliers - that is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Want to know more about our data center?

Would you like to know more about our data center? Please contact us at or 0348-485265

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