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Mobile Device Management

Manage the iPads and iPhones so that your company information is always safe.

Mobile Device Management Apple

Manage all mobile devices in your organization.

Being able to work anytime, anywhere on any device ensures a more efficient and productive use of your valuable time. The increasing use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets means that more and more employees also do their work on these devices. It is therefore essential to properly secure these devices so that the leakage of company information is kept to a minimum.

Corporate information security

There are various Mobile Device Management solutions available to help your employees secure this data as best as possible. These solutions prevent your business information from falling into the wrong hands.

For example, in the event of theft of such a device.

Remote wipe

With Mobile Device Management you always have control over your data, even if your iOS is no longer under your control.

MDM Apple
Apple Security
Apple apps roll out MDM

Roll out apps

Help your employees do their work faster and better by 'pushing' specific apps to the iOS device.

This means that these apps automatically appear on these devices without your employee having to scour the AppStore.

Everything under control. From one location.

Real-time insight into your iOS devices and make immediate adjustments on all devices. That is the power of Mobile Device Management. Apple's Profile Manager allows you to enforce certain security requirements, such as a password.

Apple Remote Management
User support MDM

User support

In addition to enforcing certain security, you can also support your employees in the use of their iOS device. This way you can already set the WiFi password so that users have direct access to your company network. You can also provide the settings of your mail server, so the user only needs to enter his username and password.

Asset Management

In addition to enforcing rules and assisting your users, the Profile Manager provides an up-to-date overview of all iOS devices within your company.

You have live insight into useful information such as IMEI and serial numbers, the iOS version a user has and much more.

Asset management MDM
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