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Installation and Migration

We are able to correctly install and configure your corporate network.

Windows implementation McPartners

From completely on Mac to implementation in a Windows environment

Business use of a Mac is applicable in any environment,

even in an environment where mainly Windows machines run.

Our specialized engineers have extensive experience in implementation within existing networks.

Hardware software McPartners

Customized rollout of hardware and software

Your new Apple devices may not yet include all the software you need to do your work. McPartners is happy to assist in the pre-installation of such devices and the roll-out of these machines on location. This way you can be assured that your users can get back to work quickly and completely on their new devices.

Software rollout and management packages

Make subsequent adjustments to the installed software packages or install an update on all devices simultaneously.

This is all possible with various software and management packages that make your software management easier and simpler than before.

McPartners can assist you with the rollout of such a system and provide training so that you can easily and quickly manage and adjust all Macs within your office.

MACos BigSur McPartners
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