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Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager lets you purchase content and configure automatic device enrollment in your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Apple Business Manager is accessible via the web and is designed for technology managers and IT administrators.

ABM McPartners

Apple Business Manager
what exactly is it and what does it mean for your business?

What is ABM?

Apple Business Manager (ABM) allows businesses and educational institutions to easily deploy and configure iOS and OS X devices. With ABM, you can easily install all your Apple devices at once.


ABM simplifies initial configuration by automating device sign-in and supervision via MDM (Mobile Device Management) during installation, and allowing you to configure devices remotely. 
To make the process even easier, you can also choose to skip some of the configuration assistant options. This allows your employees to get started right away, right after unpacking.



McPartners lists all the benefits for you:

Mandatory and lockable MDM login

Your iOS devices can be preconfigured so that automatic login to MDM is mandatory

is mandatory. This ensures that devices are configured according to your organization's requirements,and that all users get the right configurations on their devices. 

In addition, you can lock users' devices in MDM for the purpose of daily management.

Wireless Supervision

Supervision provides a higher level of device management for organization-owned iOS devices. 
Supervision allows additional restrictions (such as disabling iMessage, AirDrop or GameCenter),

and it offers additional configurations and features, such as single-app mode and Web material filtering.

ABM allows you to enable supervision mode wirelessly during the setup process.

Remote configuration for IT department.

Large-scale deployments of iPad, iPhone and Mac can be done smoothly thanks to ABM.

Once users activate their devices, you can instantly configure account settings, apps and access to IT facilities wirelessly. 
So there's no need to prepare facilities, and you don't need physical access to the device to complete installation.

Streamlined configuration assistant

ABM makes it even easier for users to configure their own iOS devices and Macs.

When using an ABM solution to configure your devices, the built-in configuration assistant helps users perform the activation process. 
You can make the configuration assistant work even more efficiently by indicating that certain screens can be skipped.


In short:

+ All your Apple systems configured at once (iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro etc.).
+ On each device immediately all Apps, account settings and access to your corporate network.
+ You can choose to control all your Apple devices. This feature also allows you to add restrictions, such as turning off iMessage or the Game Center.

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