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For many applications, a Mac mini has all the computing power needed to replace a full-fledged desktop or workstation. But for professional audio and video users, the mini's compact size may limit its potential: it doesn't need PCIe expansion card slots to provide extra connectivity and functionality, and you need to mount the computer securely in a rack. Sonnet's award-winning xMac™ mini server solves these problems and greatly maximizes the capabilities of a Mac mini.

Inside the custom 1U enclosure(1), the xMac mini server securely mounts your Mac mini and connects two PCIe cards to the computer through one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports. A USB-A port and power button on the front panel allow you to connect a keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive or other USB peripheral and control the system without needing to access the back of the computer is. Additional panel-mount cables (HDMI, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and USB-A) are included to connect the ports on the computer to the ports on the back of the SonnetxMac mini Server for an easy remote connection. The active electronics on both ends of Thunderbolt cables prevent pass-through Thunderbolt ports, but an opening on the back panel allows you to easily route cables to the computer or the internal connections on an installed card.

xMac mini Server with one full-length and one half-length slot

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